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An endorsement is the official denominational authorization for an ordained Church of God minister to serve as a chaplain. It is a formal validation from the denomination to an employing agency that a minister is professionally, educationally, and doctrinally qualified to serve in the specific organizational context as a chaplain. The Chaplains Commission is the ministry office of the Church of God authorized to grant chaplain endorsements. A valid endorsement must be signed by the ecclesiastical endorsing agent serving on appointment by the General Overseer. The Chaplains Commission has the authority to withdraw the endorsement of minister to serve as a chaplain.

Steps in the Endorsement Process

Make an initial contact with the Chaplains Commission to obtain basic information about chaplaincy and to request an application for endorsement. The Chaplains Commission will send you a digital application packet via email.

Complete and return the application consisting of Application Form, Reference Forms, Due Diligence Questionnaire, transcripts, Personal History and Concept of Chaplaincy, and a digital photo. The digital application package contains more specific guidance.

Meet with the Chaplains Commission Board of Directors Endorsement Committee for a personal interview either in person or via visual media conference. The Committee determines the granting of endorsement.

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